About Us

At Truesmiths we’re all about providing access to fast, convenient and high quality eye-care products and services for all.

We pride ourselves on bringing together cutting-edge eyecare technology and professional expertise with a commitment to providing high quality, great value optical services from the convenience of your local Morrison’s store

We stay at the forefront of optical developments & embrace technology – especially that which enables us to update your prescription in a matter of minutes or to produce the majority of our glasses in store in under 30 minutes. That’s typically the time it takes for you to complete your weekly shop, or to enjoy a coffee in the Barista Bar.

We also believe in old fashioned great customer service, honesty and transparency. And when it comes to pricing, you’ll not only find amazing value but also complete clarity in the options available to you – so we promise that the most small print you’ll ever see from us is on the bottom line of our eye chart!

And by the way we love to surprise our customers with unexpected extras – like free eyetests with all glasses purchases, or anti-scratch coating included as standard on all our lenses. You’ll also be delighted to hear that all our cases and cloths are made from 100% recycled materials and we’re constantly striving to improve sustainability across our entire range.

We are a true leader in the world of eyecare…